Heard a Rumor Santa is Gluten-Free

Heard a Rumor Santa is Gluten-Free

Chewy Chocolate Chip Gluten-Free Cookies!


These gluten-free cookies are extraordinarily better than regular cookies. I have always loved baking, but when my sister went gluten-free, I needed to find something new to make. I fell in love with this recipe and then added some of my own touches. I hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you make them! 



1 stick of butter (1/2 a cup) 

1 tablespoon of milk 

3/4 cup of brown sugar 

1/4 cup of white sugar 

1 egg

2 teaspoons of vanilla 

1 1/3 cups of gluten-free all-purpose flour 

1/4 cup almond flour 

1 teaspoon baking soda 

1/2 teaspoon salt 

1 cup of chocolate chips 

Sea salt for sprinkling 


I first start by browning the butter in a pan. This adds a nutty flavor to the cookies, and I highly recommend doing it. Once the butter is browned, add it to a bowl with the sugars and mix. DO NOT ADD IN THE EGGS WHEN THE BUTTER IS HOT. Ariane made this mistake and ended up with some gross scrambled eggs. I then add in the rest of the wet ingredients like the milk, vanilla, and egg. Whisk until light and airy, so cookies are fluffy. In the same bowl, I add the dry ingredients on top. (Mainly because I don’t want to add more dishes.) and lightly mix in the dry ingredients. At this point, you are going to have a nice thick dough. Lastly, I fold in a bunch of chocolate chips (I do about half a bag). I then form little balls on the baking sheet. I like to make these cookies smaller than usual cookies because this way, they bake better. Before I put the cookies in the oven, I sprinkle on some sea salt. To check when the cookies are done, I look for a golden bottom. ButterButter and SugarCookie Dough

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