Body Skin Care Routine

Body Skin Care Routine

Hey you guys! 

Today I am here to walk you all through my body skin care routine! This is my first go at something like this so please bear with me :)  


Using a natural bristle brush, I dry brush before I shower in an upwards motions on my legs and my arms, towards my heart. I work in an upward motion starting at the bottom of my legs up. On my stomach, I brush in a circular motion. 

You should dry brush 1-2 times a week. Don't over do it! Dry brushing is really good for improving circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. It is also a good soft pre-exfoliant before the rest of the steps.


The next step is washing my body! It is important to remove dirt and such before using a deeper exfoliant. During this step, after I wash, I'll usually shave. Remember to get all the good spots like your feet and behind your ears! ;) 


When I use the TTD x Soul.Ful.Beauty scrub, I use an upwards circular motion, similar to the pattern in which I dry brush. You don't have to be too rough! The sugar in the scrub does all it needs to without being too abrasive. It has vanilla essential oil and coconut oil, so you smell yummy and feel hydrated and soft. It's vegan, organic, and handmade with love :) 


Not gonna lie you guys, I totally thought that this was just for your whole body when I bought this and have been using it like that. When I went to link it I found out that its actually a foot roller! I've been using it the fast few days (correctly, lol) and it is actually amazing. My feet have been so achy since moving to NYC and walking a lot more than I'm used to every day. 

There's actually a lot of really amazing benefits of massaging your feet and this makes it so easy. Doing this will improve your circulation and subsequently your sleep. Also, alleviating swelling! I think this extra step is so important in todays world with everyone working from home and sitting around more than usual.


I hope this helped!! What should I write about next? A good ol face skin care routine? Leave a comment and let me know! 

    Love u all,                                        

            Ariane :) <3


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I’d love to hear about your skincare/makeup routines <3


Love it and the scrub. I must order more!

Barbara Monteleone

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