Ariane's Holiday Playlist

Ariane's Holiday Playlist

Happy Holidays you guys! 
Music is such an important part of the season to me. All these songs are associated with specific memories of seasons past. 


Blue Christmas was the first song on our Elvis CD we used play on a bigggg boom box. Now I have an Elvis vinyl with it on it.Then we had a Dean Martin singing doll and this specific version would play. It sounds creepy but, was actually very charming.Peace on Earth is in the beginning of Lady and the Tramp, which sets the stage for a snowy Christmas night where the greatest gift is given; friendship.  

It's such a special time of year and I hope each and every single one of you enjoy the rest of the holiday season!
What's some of your favorite memories from this time of year? 
I would love to hear in the comments!!!! 


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