About The Owners

About The Owners

     Ariane and Larisa Monteleone are two Boca sisters that grew a love for tie dye. In the summer of 2017, the girls were dying shirts for the Fourth of July and put firework tie dye on the titties of the t-shirt, then discovering Titty Tie Dye. For years, they planned this business and finally launched it on May, 8th 2020 during COVID-19 as a way to make people feel good and give back.

     As many of you know,10% of all proceeds goes towards Donors Choose. This platform is where teachers can raise money for their classrooms which can include low income students and supplying them with books, toys, and beyond.

Ariane and Larisa now strive to make the world a more colorful and educated place 2 titties at a time. :)

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