🎃Pumpkin Carving🎃

🎃Pumpkin Carving🎃

Hi you guys! 

This year for Halloween I wanted my pumpkin to be loosely based on BugaBoo from Scary Godmother. When Larisa and I were kids, that movie was always on once we got home from trick or treating. I followed a tutorial online but, it was a little vague so I'm gonna go into a little bit more detail. 

Let's get into it!

I started my pumpkin the same way I always do, by cutting a hole in the top and scooping out the insides. I save them because I love pumpkin seeds.

 The next thing I did was randomly start to make the eyes. I did a few just for placement to see how much room I could have before I do the mouth.  I used measuring spoons o different sizes to make the holes. I would scoop it out the same way you would with a melon baller, but I wanted more variation in the sizes of the eyes. If it was too tough to break through, I would use a pumpkin carving tool to trace around part of it and then scoop it out. I found it easiest to place the same scoops in the holes carved backwards. I used nails to secure if needed but, you can most definitely use toothpicks
 I then free handed a shape for the mouth and carved that out

 I finished up the eyes, making sure to vary my sizes. Making the eyes black was a little tricky. The tutorial I followed said to use seeds, and I tried and failed at that. I felt there wasn't enough contrast. I even tried coloring pumpkin seeds, which was also a no, because they were still too moist from carving. I used ink to paint the eyes, but it bled a lot more than I intended. I would suggest using acrylic paint!!!



If you're using a candle, make sure to carve a hole in the top so you have a little chimney for the smoke to escape! 

I clean it up with a wet paper towel and then it was done!

Let me know in the comment what you guys carved your pumpkins as this year! 




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